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Bamboo Aroma Diffuser

by Puzhen

SGD 178.00

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Imagine sitting in a cool, bamboo forest. A barely discernible breeze brushes through the leaves, accompanying the stillness and the trickling brook below. The clear air carries a light scent, pleasing yet indescribable a deep breath at once relaxes and rejuvenates... Now imagine creating this atmosphere in your office. Bamboo, is the perfect office aroma diffuser, it purifies the air throughout the day, dispersing fragrances that calm the nerves and increase comfortable efficiency.

Dimensions: 5.12 x 3.15 x 10in (130 x 80 x 255mm)
Material of body: Plastic
Weight in Lbs.: 3.5200
Coverage Area: 323 sq ft (30 m^2)
Operating Modes: Strong aroma (auto shutdown time: 1 hour)/ Gentle aroma (auto shutdown time: 2 hour)
Filtration & amp Sterilization: Anion, Lysozyme filter, Vitamin C filter
LED Color: Blue
Water Reservoir Capacity: 100 +/- 10ml
Power Input: DC 24V 15W
Adapter: AC/DC Adapter 100~240V 50/60Hz

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