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Cleansing Milk For Natural Beauty

Ideal for all skin types, this luxurious cleansing milk moisturises as it cleanses, revealing a new softness and a gentle radiance.

Hydrolate Toner For Hydrating The Skin

The purest of toners – comprising distilled water from deeply healing rose damascene petals – to refresh and hydrate skin ravaged by everyday pollutants.

Face Mask For Revitalising The Skin

Restore hydration, tone and radiance to tired, listless skin with this mineral-rich green clay mask.

Night Cream For Rejuvenating Skin Cells

ila's luscious Night Cream aids the restorative benefits of sleep, penetrating skin’s innermost layers to support from deep within.

Body Balm For Feeding Skin & Senses

An intensely nourishing balm for all ages that softens, smoothes and balances even the driest of skin. Essential fatty acids and antioxidants restore suppleness, uplift the senses and reveal a softer, brighter texture.

Body Oil For Vital Energy

Combat daily stress and revitalise the body’s bio-energy field with this light yet nourishing Body Oil – an uplifting blend of wild-crafted juniper berry, rose geranium and rosehip seed oil that will leave you feeling ready to take on the world.

Body Scrub For Energising & Detoxifying

Ideal for when you’re feeling tired, run, down or sluggish, this revitalising Body Scrub boosts your energy field and immune system.

Body Scrub For A Blissful Experience

A sensual, blissful scrub, ideal for occasions when your body needs special treatment. Jasmine and rose relax and restore the nervous system, leaving glowing skin and a feeling of enhanced wellbeing for both body and mind.

Bath Salts For Cleansing

These bath salts offer luxurious detoxification to anyone who is tired or stressed. Imbued with rich healing minerals, they remove toxins, stimulate circulation and leave skin soft and thoroughly cleansed.

Bath Salts For Inner Peace

These pampering Bath Salts are a light in the dark for those in need of greater serenity. Imbued with rich healing minerals, they restore balance to body and mind, strengthen wellbeing and revealing skin’s soft youthful glow.

Energy Spray For An Aura Of Confidence

With exquisite scents to revitalise yuor body's bio-energy field, this energy spray gives a boost of confidence. Great for recharging the mind, body and spirit during important work or social events, towards the end of a stressful day or whilst travelling.

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