Marine Flora Immersion

150 minutes ILA

Comprising a scrub, wrap, bath and either a face therapy or Ku Nye treatment.

This revitalising experience draws on mineral-rich marine flora (sea lettuce, sea lavender, bio-plasma and various seaweeds) and Himalayan salt crystals – the remains of an ocean trapped over 250 million years ago – to deeply relax, cleanse and re-energise the lymphatic and immune system.

The ingredients have a profound healing effect, infusing the skin with nutrients for up to 24 hours after absorption, improving vitality, circulation and skin tone, and reducing cellulite.

Select your preferred indulgence
Comprising a scrub, wrap, bath and either a face therapy or Ku Nye treatment.
Travelling, particularly flying, imbalances our body's magnetic energy field.
Discover which energy centers are most out of balance then embark on a deeply restorative journey based around seven blends of energy balancing oils.
Combining the Crystal Facial and Amethyst Wrap this energy charged treatment transports you to a place of deep peace and contentment, bringing clarity of mind and renewal of energy.


Monday - Sunday | 11am - 10pm
(Appointment after 9pm only via prior reservations)


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